About Us

Gifting Sense is a free mobile/online service designed to help parents teach their children to think before they buy. In about two minutes, on any device, including smartphones, kids can answer all the questions parents normally want addressed before agreeing to spend money.

Our DIMS – Does It Make Sense?® Score Calculators and Gift Surveys offer quick but meaningful just-in-time lessons on how to spend wisely; the type studies show are best at developing lasting financial literacy. We help children understand the true value of a request, before they make it, and to only ask for items they will really use and/or appreciate. When are kids the most interested in learning about money? When they want some! Which is why they willingly complete Gift Surveys when asked.  Sure, they do it to “get what they want”, but parents know that what their son or daughter is really getting, is a quick but meaningful burst of financial education.

Gifting Sense was founded by Economist and Mom, Karen Holland, who has a “serious distaste for waste” and credits her own mother with teaching her how to spend wisely from an early age. She worked with parents and digital development professionals to create the site you see today – which has been specifically designed to reduce (gift) waste and help parents immunize their children against developing poor spending habits (and all of the downstream issues those can create later in life) – one gift at a time. Her dream is that one day very soon, kids won’t even think about asking for something unless they know it’s DIMS Score ®!

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